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Glute Gladiator

Glute Gladiator

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Complete Performance w/ Glute Focus

Build defined muscle and unlock strength you never knew you had without getting bulky. And of course some booty poppin. Don’t be fooled by the name this is a full body strength and conditioning program that will change the way you lift forever.

Let me look into my crystal ball real quick. You want to get lean and see definition in your legs, shoulders, and mid-section with a slimmer waist? Oh, what’s that? You also want to get that booty poppin? Yea, I got you.

Tell me this doesn’t sound like you. You started off by doing endless cardio and you socially distanced yourself from carbs... because, ya know, you didn’t want to get bulky. You were putting the time in but not anywhere near the results you were expecting?

Then you started lifting some fluorescent dumbbells for sets of 67,000 and even bought a booty band but still no call from Victoria Secret to fill in for the next runway show. If you’re really lucky you started doing some hip thrusts and sumo squats and started finally seeing some results but now you want to take things to the next level? You’re in good hands. This program is designed to make you fall in love with not just your body but with YOU. There’s plenty of abs and booty building but the beauty of this program, other than you, is to teach you more advanced heavy lifting without getting bulky. At the end not only will you love the way you look but you’ll be walking out of the gym knowing you are an absolute BADASS.

The structure of this program is the same structure I use to coach my world champion athletes. There are 2 hard upper body days, 2 hard lower body days, and 1 moderate accessory day. The equipment you’ll need is standard equipment found in most commercial gyms. This is a gender neutral program that will bring massive results to anyone who gives it their all!