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Glute Gladiator 2

Glute Gladiator 2

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Women’s Performance Glute Focus - Round 2

So, now you get why lifting heavy sh%t is the best thing ever and want to continue your progress from the first Glute Gladiator? It’s SHOWTIME BABY! The first program got you comfortable with lifting maximally heavy and this one dives right into the deep end, right where we left off!

No more ramping up the intensity we’re jumping right in with the same movements you’re used to and introducing you to even more advanced movements for even BIGGER GAINS! The structure is the same with two lower body days, two upper body days, and one glute/accessory focused day. There are video tutorials, demos, explanations, and everything you need teaching you along the way. If you’re deciding between this program and the first one I HIGHLY recommend starting with the first one regardless of ability level. Let’s keep this GAIN TRAIN ROLLING!!