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Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior

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The Viking Warrior

Are you sick of the same old boring exercise routine? Not getting the results you want or at a plateau? Or maybe you just want to train to be a badass who is prepared to burn Saxon villages to the ground. Viking Warrior is the future of fitness. This program combines aspects of strength, muscle building, fat loss, athleticism, mobility, and explosive power!

Vikings were savage warriors with tremendous skill, confidence, power, and athleticism. I used my knowledge from a decade of training professional athletes and a master's degree in biomechanics to put together this program for both men and women. The goal is to build a positive self-image, strength of character, and a body that is capable of any physical challenge you’ll come across in life. And of course, you’ll look way better naked.

This is an intermediate and up program that uses the same exact structure I personally use with myself and my athletes. It has 2 hard upper body days, 2 hard lower body days, and two additional days for mobility, joint training, and technique work.

The equipment required will be standard equipment you find at most commercial gyms. You can expect to see a massive improvement in strength, jumping, muscular definition, conditioning, and most importantly your don’t take shit from no one attitude. Let the gains begin!